Unlocking the Enigma with a Synchronici-Key

mindkey - CopyLast night I had a very intriguing dream giving me direct access into my creative powers and wisdom. Although I can’t remember enough to articulate the whole dream seamlessly, what was remembered was enough to provoke a deep reflection about some concepts I have been thinking about for quite a long time and every now and then experiencing first hand.

In the dream I was in a foreign place and someone was showing me ancient artifacts and it led to a big epiphany. The ancient depictions were all representing the awareness that is beyond the paradoxical nature of physical reality and perception. The interesting thing about the depictions is that by looking at them they would trigger an awareness of the interconnectedness of reality as a hologram. Much like the pictures that are optical illusions, or even Zen koans (riddles) that are impossible to solve by the left (linear/logical) brain and eventually lead to a breakthrough in awareness by tiring out the linear mind and allowing one to transcend it’s limitations.

Breaking through the veil…

One thing that comes to mind is a Ted Talk by Jill Bolte Taylor you may have seen called Stroke of Insight where during a stroke she experienced the right side of her brain fully active all the while trying to call an ambulance while her ordinary logical mind could not operate despite her best efforts. The very profound thing about her talk was that she described a quality of consciousness not unlike what we would call unity and oneness consciousness, a seamless awareness of reality beyond dualistic interpretations. The irony of all of this is that Jill is a brain scientist and the whole ordeal completely changed her life.

It could be said that some modern visionary art conveys these states of consciousness and triggers them much like the artifacts in my dream did. I have had experiences at transformational festivals where this has been the case and the visionary art served as a catalyst to higher awareness and creative consciousness.  The art conveys meaning beyond what our logical minds can understand and plants a seed in the subconscious.

So what is to be said about synchronicity and how does this fit into all of this?

Synchronicity is also known as a meaningful coincidence. Some might describe this as being in the flow or in alignment. Many people who have synchronicities say that they are far to strange and out of the ordinary to be just a coincidence. In my personal experience, synchronicity has led to instantaneous solving of problems, being led to teachings or ideas that seemed to miraculously appear when I had been thinking about it beforehand and even picking up the phone to call someone to find they are already on the line and I had picked up before the first ring. Much like in the dream state, synchronicity demonstrates that reality is more malleable and fluid than we imagine. This goes hand in hand with the idea that problems that seem impossible can sometimes be readily solved in a high state of creative consciousness, and this “meaningful coincidence” we are talking about could be a similar manifestation in waking reality as revelatory or prophetic dreams are in the dream world.

When I look back over the course of my dreams throughout the years and the synchronistic  happenings along the way, I have found that dreams of clarity, lucid and healing dreams have all been present in times of an elevated synchronistic order – which brings me to my next idea about this kind of consciousness.

Synchronicity is a state of attunement and openness to possibility.

In the ecology of physical reality, there is an infinitely dynamic and vast array of variability, with the perfect components for our visions and goals, and the best suited teachings for our life path. When we are closed down to our creative consciousness, we get tunnel-visioned and out of all that possibility we are only getting a small slice of what is really available. By opening up to a higher consciousness we can get access to a greater bandwidth that allows us to see details and potentials that we may have previously overlooked. This is awakening to the magnitude and wonder that we are creative cosmic beings, co-creating reality, architects of all that is.

When we look at reality with the lens of synchronistic possibility, we empower ourselves on our own hero’s journey. Life’s journey is full of adventure and clues, puzzles and riddles woven into the fabric of time and space that require a leap in consciousness to understand as we continually grow and expand in our wisdom.

Image used under a creative-commons license by ul_Marga on Flickr.

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