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hike-may18th - CopyWe are truly the architects of our own lives, the masters of our own ships – navigating the energetic sea of reality. We have so much incredible potential to grow, to heal, to evolve as human beings and communities. I seek ways to tap into this potential and to share this with others who are on a journey to wholeness and personal empowerment.

Carl also known as Carlos, was born in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, not too far from the Vancouver area where he frequently explored the natural world of the temperate rain forest climate in which he lived. Deeply passionate about creating harmony and peace, he studies living systems, consciousness, healing, and has gleaned wisdom and strength through his experiences and life challenges.


I had so much fun in the forest listening your knowledge about mushrooms, I want to thank you sooooooo much.” Nicole, Vancouver, British Columbia

Carlos provided a small group with an informative, fun, adventurous workshop on medicinal mushrooms and wild crafting. He is a very caring and considerate individual with a genuine passion for natural health and a keen interest in medicinal mushrooms. His research has led him to be understanding of the healing benefits from different properties of the mushrooms, and he showed us what trees they often grew on. It was fun finding the mushrooms and trying to identify them with the teachings Carlos provided. I’d recommend Carlos’ workshop to people interested in wild crafting, natural medicine, ecology and mushrooms.” – Chels, Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thanks again for the great workshop yesterday!  You really showed how much knowledge and abundance there is all around us, all we have to do is reach out for it!  Truly valuable workshop.” Paola, Vancouver, British Columbia, http://seedstock.ca

Carl is a very helpful person with a wealth of knowledge and tools for optimized living. His ideas about living systems and the interconnectedness between mind, body, and environment are very simple yet profound. I appreciate the creative conceptualizations and application of permaculture principles to master our living system.
He introduced the Buteyko method which helped me to think differently about breathing and tissue oxygenation, which is certainly shifting my belief system about breathing since there is apparently a lot of misinformation about CO2.  After talking to Carl, I feel motivated to design the superhuman life I was born to live! – Jason Bres, Oakland, California

Carl has been a personal mentor of mine since I’ve known him. I always leave feeling inspired, empowered and encouraged. He has a rare talent of active listening, but don’t just take my word for it – it’s evident in his ability to synopsize complex ideas through his writing, and in person, he is great at making information memorable – through his humorous style, story telling and occasional songs! He listens to others with sincerity and intention. Whenever I’ve had any struggles Carl has been there with suggestions. My life has been immensely enriched by following his inspirational guidance – he has shown me how to make manifest my once vague values. He has brought me to discover permaculture, re-villaging, non-violent communication, energy healing and so many other ideas that influence my life’s track. I guarantee Carl will see right through to your needs and will help you figure out your life’s purpose. I am eternally grateful for this being!Laura Walker, Roberts Creek, British Columbia

Wonderful – as always I’m impressed at your resourcefulness!Brice Royer, North Vancouver, British Columbia, http://gifteconomy.ca

A year and a half ago I was stuck in a cycle of anger, pain and hopelessness. After reconnecting with Carl and his abundance of positive vibes I have gained a new perspective on my future and what I can contribute to the global community. The abundance of knowledge, compassion and enthusiasm that Carl gives freely is an example that I hope to follow in my new path of helping others heal, as a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Certified TRE Provider(L1). If Carl hadn’t mentioned TRE to me as something he thought would help me deal with my chronic pain from hereditary arthritis and an accumulation of old, unhealed sports injuries I would still be suffering from chronic pain, feeling hopeless about the quality of my life in the future and uncertain of my life’s path and purpose on the earth. I am eternally grateful. – Desmond Williams, Coquitlam, British Columbia, http://www.vibestre.ca/


In an era (or in a society) where we are taught to (mis)treat the body like a machine, and our brain like a computer, Carlos has been very helpful to me, an ageing retiree, with his research and teachings about wholistic health and integrative medicine brought together with the ancient wisdom traditions.” – Gerhard Bihl, Ph.D., D. Min.