What I Offer

Our lives are like dynamic ecosystems. Every piece is inter-related, and our daily actions are cumulative towards our life mission, creating the physical and subtle habits and structures that are the foundations for our entire life. Looking through the lens of permaculture and evolutionary life architecture, we can upgrade and optimize areas to create maximum vitality and creativity!


Generally, we can work in a mix of all these areas, though there are 3 main themes to the guidance and consultation I offer. Here is a bit on each:

  Vitality Engineering   

Engineers are masters of ingenuity and design! In this session you will step into the role as an engineer in your overall health and vitality.  Learn to be confident in the healing power of your mind and body and empower yourself with foundational tools for increasing your vitality. Looking at your vitality through the lens of evolutionary life architecture and permaculture, we can look at the essential functions of your different health practices and how they can better fit together to serve you.

  Life Architecture   

Let’s dive into the architecture and permaculture of your life.. Attune yourself to be perceptive of patterns in your day to day existence and how they become incorporated into the bigger picture. Learn how integrating elements into your daily practice can set your evolution and empowerment in motion. Much like how ecosystems are interconnected and function as a whole, the different elements in our life have purposes and functions and we can rearrange and design these for maximum flow!

 Creativity Activation   

Each of us has an infinite fountain of ideas and visions, where imagination is boundless and unrestrained. A creativity session is designed to set yourself up to successfully dip into your creative reservoir. We will look at habits that serve to unlock your creative potential so you can access it more frequently and with greater clarity. You will leave with potent tools which will benefit you for the rest of your life.

As Bill Mollison puts it: “The yield of a system is theoretically unlimited, or, limited only by the information and imagination of the designer.” 


*I also offer workshops on wild foods, and wild medicinal mushrooms (see workshops page).

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Booking a Session & Rates:

Currently, I don’t have a space to offer in-person sessions so if you are interested in a session relating to the above-mentioned topics, I can connect by Skype or phone. The investment is 60$ per hour/100$ for 2hrs + (optional) any extra time I spend creating unique strategy implementation plans and blueprints that can be sent to your e-mail, which will include resources and a customized daily structure for your more evolved and optimized life.

Alternatively, if you live around the area (Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, or Port Moody – British Columbia), we could find a quiet spot that is conducive to creative work (ie. grab a cup of tea, meetup near nature) and do a session in person.

If you feel you would really benefit from a consultation but are having trouble with finances, please contact me and we should be able to arrange something.

I look forward to offering guidance and If you have any questions or would like to arrange a session or consultation, contact me at:

sacredsongtech at gmail dot com