Moving Into a Higher Octave


It is apparent that we are on the cusp of something new. Something so novel and extraordinary that can’t be understood within our current sociocultural framework.

Many analogies can paint a piece of the larger picture of what we are in the midst of currently on a planetary scale. Never the less it is a convergence of many evolutionary leaps. A caterpillar going through metamorphosis to become a butterfly… A bird about to take flight for the first time… The process of succession as an ecosystem becomes more complex and stable…

Some would say that many of the tools and ideas for these kinds of quantum jumps have been around for many years. I would agree to some extent and also add that not only are they now taking root, but it has become imperative that we make this transition to a world of symbiosis and the evolutionary harmonic of peace.

There are many examples of cultures who have learned to live in right relations with the land, with each other, and with the cosmos or creator – however they may perceive it. The culmination of our actions goes beyond their spacial and temporal location. They radiate like ripples in a lake, reaching far and wide. Consciously wielding this power that we have, with respect and diligence is a reflection of an enlightened society.

The sum is greater than it’s parts.

With the old model of society, somebody wins and somebody loses. It may be one nation winning and one losing, or an economy winning and an ecology losing. In reality though, with this attitude, everyone loses.

The new model lives in the consciousness of win / win. The ecology is taken into account, people’s well being is an integral part of our “capital”, and our ability to cooperate and make sure everyone is provided for and has a chance to be healthy and happy is a measure of our collective wealth. Every piece in the web of life needs to be valued as playing a necessary and functional role in our lives even if we are not connected to it in a direct way.

Permaculture is a great way to start in building this new paradigm. When more people are living within or near highly functional, productive, and beautifully designed ecology’s, it will be a source of well being and inspiration. Not only can we use permaculture’s guiding principles to design productive land, we can design ourselves environments that can be calm and soothing, stimulate creativity, or be planned to suit our needs and nourish our senses. This is the greatest potential of design – to elevate consciousness in our daily lives and to make life easier and more joyful.

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