Coherence and Peace


As the world accelerates in technology and connectivity, as barriers of distance, language and culture are transcended, we are getting a glimpse of what it might look like to live in a global civilization that is based on harmony and cooperation. One way of putting it is that it appears as if the synapses of the global brain are forging new pathways at an ever increasing rate as the future unfolds. Communication is instant and access to information and even once-held-secret esoteric knowledge are becoming almost ubiquitous.

As new doors open and we are able to bridge these gaps let us try to understand what peace really is and how do we achieve it on a personal level?

If we look into the state of peace as described by the Institute of HeartMath, we would find that they talk about a concept known as “coherence”. A state of coherence is a state of ease, or peace that can be measured using a device that measures the heart rate and shows you how coherent of a state you are in. This measurement is known as your “Heart Rate Variability” or HRV. Studies have shown that when someone is in a state of frustration or anxiety, their heart will reflect this and their body will set off a whole cascade of biochemical reactions some lasting many hours. On the other hand, when in a state of relaxation, our heart will reflect this too. In this state our brain functions at optimal rate, our cardiovascular system and immune system are performing well, our circulation is enhanced and we can enjoy fulfilling connections with others.

In regards to creating this new world we wish to bring forth, in order to have the high level of creativity and energy necessary to build the new paradigm, we need to have a way to tap into our inner fountain of life, a deep sense of fortitude from within.

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