Fire by Friction: A Life Metaphor


This ancient technique used by people all over the world is a wonderful metaphor when contemplating success. In order to create the first spark, an immense amount of friction is required and the right conditions to turn that tiny burning ember into a powerful flame which can create warmth and illumination among other benefits.

This concept of using friction to create fire can be applied in any area of our life that we seek to reach greater potential, progress or growth. There may be many varying elements in this process, although 3 that stand out to me are:

1. Patience. This almighty ingredient can make the difference in personal achievement and can be a great source of inner strength, when you practice patience you can embody humility and learn from mistakes.

2. Perseverance. Determination is a healthy attitude when applied properly and in a balanced way. By cultivating a sense of determination, we set our selves up for success and align more with our integrity.

3. Focus. When you think about how much potential humans have it is absolutely incredible. If we can focus this energy in a productive way, we start to live in a natural state of grace because our efforts are amplified.

Metaphors can be powerful lenses in which to view different situations. Viewing a situation through a new lens can completely transform the outcome and can change the actions we take in the long run.

Next time you are trying to create change or embark on a new evolutionary path, remind yourself of the metaphor of creating fire by friction. The magic starts to happen when the formula is set in motion.

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  1. beautifully articulated! i’ve often pondered this analogy as I consider my own life path, trying to understand the paradox that the things that break my heart or deeply wound me also set me on fire and galvanize me to take action.

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